Lean Six Sigma Institute

"A tu propio ritmo”

Esta modalidad permite al alumno capacitarse y certificarse de forma totalmente adaptada a su disponibilidad y tiempo. A través de la Plataforma de formación tiene acceso vía internet a la documentación completa del curso, que puede descargar o visualizar directamente, junto con el resto del contenido, material complementario, tareas, etc.

Nuestra certificación Lean Six Sigma está avalada por la  International Society of Six Sigma Professionals.

" At your own pace "

This type of training allows stude its to be trained and certified in a completely adapted to their availability and time. By training platform the student has online access to the complete course documentation , which can be downloaded or viewed directly , along with the rest of the content, supplementary materials , tasks , etc.

Our Lean Six Sigma certification is endorsed by the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals.

    Cursos disponibles

    For companies that wish to remain competitive, Lean offers a highly flexible approach to meeting demand in

    low-volume high-mix environments.

    Yellow Belt training focuses on preparing individuals to develop efficient processes for fast delivery and consistent quality